did you know that over 15.7 million people or 6.7%
in the US suffered at least one majorwide
DEPRESSION episode in 2014
and that only 10% of them obtained any help and relief ? ? 

DEPRESSION can take many forms....

For some, it is heart-and-soul numbing sadness, hopelessness, and flatness , day after day after day after day
For these people, many difficult but routine situations ---- e.g.
having serious financial problems,
losing a loved one,
getting fired from a job ,
feeling isolated or having major conflict with loved ones,
going through a divorce,
or getting a diagnosis of chronic illness
can lead a person to feel lonely , edgy , frustrated , and sad.

In these cases, there is an easy, obvious answer to the question:
WHAT are you GRIEVING ?   WHY are you feeling so HOPELESS ?

It is clear that these depressed feeling are 'normal' reactions to major life stressors.

For other people, there seems to be NO particular answer about WHY they feel so sad, angry, numb, overwhelmingly unmotivated and separate from what's occurring in the rest of the world ???

They routinely feel discouraged, hopeless, unmotivated, passive, 
have chronic pain, and are exhausted,
day after day after day without any specific 'trigger event'.

Some express their depression with outwardly expressed ANGER 
towards those around them,
while others are WITHDRAWN and NUMB.

We also know that depression can also affect many dimensions of our physical health --- e.g. release harmful stress hormones, lead to poor nutrition or excessive eating, cause sleep problems, and lead to chronic illness, accidents, and even, anger and violence directed at ourselves or others.

In the extreme, some people with major depression may feel that life is NOT worth living , and some will attempt to end their lives.


Depression is profoundly influential in our relationship with ourselves, friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

When such feelings continue for more than two weeks
and interfere with daily activities such as family life,
going to work or school, and routine self-case habits,

TODAY, we know that DEPRESSION is a treatable illness that affects
the way a person thinks, feels, behaves, and functions.

CARETAKING / SUPPORTING: Meaningful and invaluable help 
is also available for family / friends
who relate to someone who is seriously depressed, 
and therefore,
whose lives are also deeply affected by the 
depression of other people around them .

Better understanding about what is happening to their loved one can help
increase understanding, decrease conflict, and
build appropriate skills and support which can take many different forms.

My expertise in TREATING DEPRESSION comes from
extensive professional training,
clinical experience with lots of adult clients,
and dealing with my own adult life challenges.

I also have professional training in suicide assessment and prevention.

I believe that it is very rewarding to work with clients
as they want to rebuild their lives,
develop increased self-knowledge, 
emotional and cognitive self-regulation,
more consistent resilience, and genuine satisfaction in their life journey.

Successful treatment of DEPRESSION is like seeing a person gradually
BECOME ALIVE (again) which is very rewarding !

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the painful feelings that you're having
which are diminishing the quality of your life ......