Overview of Client Services Provided

COVID POLICY:      I prefer to conduct therapy with my clients in person and face-to-face, and I find that a lot of other people also prefer that modality   .    

I am completely vaccinated myself.   Therefore, if you are also  vaccinated against COVID, I will provide "in person", and face-to-face therapy in my office,    My office is also large enough to have proper 'social distancing' space between us.

If you are at a distance from my office, we can conduct your therapy using phone call.    However, I would like to initially meet with you twice to begin our work, and thereafter, once quarterly.

DISABILITY ACCESSABLITY:    My office is completely disability accessable.

CLIENT FOCUS:   I provide INDIVIDUAL and RELATIONSHIP psychotherapy to ALL TYPES OF ADULT clients, including the special populations of educators, health care, and pastoral care professionals.   In addition, I provide PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL resources and programs to the public, agencies, and other therapists .

A special feature of my practice is that I often provide integrated and simultaneous  INDIVIDUAL and RELATIONSHIP therapies when this dual approach is appropriate for streamlining and concentrating life exploration and new skill learning >>> intense growth for clients.


My psychotherapy CLIENT SPECIALIZATIONS include :

  • DEPRESSION / GRIEF / LOSS ---- This expertise includes feeling sadness / anger / numbness / grief and loss / lack of satisfying and healthy social connections for men and women
  • RELATIONSHIP GROWTH or DIVORCE through DISCERNMENT COUNSELING --- are you and your partner in frequent, serious conflict about the future of your relationship ?   is one of you 'leaning in,' while the other is 'leaning out ' when you disagree about whether to divorce or to seriously work on trying to improve your partnership ?   I am one of the more experienced therapists for DC, and I have completed basic and advanced training.  Thus, I provide  clients with Divorce Discernment Counseling which has been developed by Dr. Bill Doherty's nationally recognized Couples on the Brink Project (www.DiscernmentCounseling.com)
  • DIVERSITY issues --- e.g. communication and emotional styles, race / ethnicity, social class, religion, gender issues and identity, sexual orientation and gender expression, body image, physical or mental illness
  • CHRONIC ILLNESS issues ---- patients, family, friends, caregivers of those with chronic illness, particularly constant pain from an accident or trauma , diabetes, kidney failure, cardio problems, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, sleep apnea, and alzheimers / dementia
  • LIFE STAGE TRANSITIONS --- searching for new meaning while feeling grief / loss and experiencing major life changes --- e.g. self-re-invention due to crisis, marriage / divorce, parenthood, career changes, mid-age, retirement, death of spouse, illness
  • CROSS-GENERATIONAL FAMILY issues --- e.g. elder care, mid-age, young adult millennials
  • ALTERNATIVE FAMILY structures --- e.g. single parents, remarriage / blended, co-parents, LBGTQ, grandparents, multi-generational

As you can see, I work with a wide range of inter-connected ADULT DEVELOPMENT / GROWTH ISSUES which are central to most  everyone's complex life journey. 


What we know is that they often, at least temporarily, knock us down. But, at the same time ----- gradually and ultimately ---- they CAN provide us with painful but rich opportunities to reflect, stretch, find our core values and develop new knowledge and skills and strengthen an underlying spirit of resilience as we decide how to grow forward in our version of 'life's curious journey'.....

I believe that this is our core challenge during our life journey ----- i.e. daily living >>> crisis / challenge >>> struggle and learning >>> smarter, healthier, more satisfying living .....

In a comfortable, confidential, and supportive therapeutic setting, I offer a highly personalized approach, tailored to your needs, combining challenge and supportive encouragement to help you attain the insights and growth skills which you’re seeking.

For this reason, I've named my psychotherapy practice: